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About Us

Hefei Sanping Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional UV sensors manufacturer. Its research history in the field came from the beginning of Millennium with the development of the Wide-bandgap semiconductors’ materials.

Sanping Electronics and its affiliates have completed the qualification of a device processing line and a high standard device testing lab. It has the ability of mass supply of high performance GaN and SiC UV sensors with various packaging types.  In the Same time ,Sanping is the supply company of UVC LED with very competitive cost.

Sanping’s UV sensors are excellently expressed in the characteristics of high responsivity, low dark current, and fast response speed.

The UV sensors are widely applied in the UV light testing industries,for example, Hospital UV lights monitoring/UV curing/water sterilization, water quality monitoring, and flame detection,etc. 

Hefei Sanping Electronics Co.,Ltd will focus on UV industry to manufacture products helping People to live better.


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